Hybrid Actions
in the Landscape

Hybrid Actions in the Landscape is a teaching innovation programme for future architects and master degrees in adavnced studies in architecture and landscape.

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From where the landscape comes from…?

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Leading researchers

Concha Lapayese Luque
Darío Gazapo de Aguilera

Former coordinators
Javier García Benítez
Juan Enriquez Lage
Pablo Arias Alcedo


Acción híbrida en Auschwitz (Alemania)

Creating a meeting place… is the first interaction. Teaching on “Hybrid actions on the Landscape… art and architecture in the 20th century” was first offered as an option at the Madrid School of Architecture in the academic year 2006/07 on the suggestion of lecturer Concha Lapayese. Likewise, at post-graduate level, we also developed PhD courses on “Constructing the Landscape: between interiority and exteriority”, delivered by Darío Gazapo, and these were subsequently adapted to the Master’s Degree in Advanced Architectural Projects. Nowadays, it constitutes an optional Experimental Workshop as part of the Foundations of Architecture Degree.

Similarly, since 2007 “Hybrid actions” have been increasingly featured as a design strategy in the Darío Gazapo (2007-2013) and Lapayese/Arques (since 2014) Teaching Units and, alongside mapping, make up the basic tools with which students will be invited to participate in the project. This operational framework is then successfully transferred to the Final Degree Projects that arise from the Teaching Units.

Finally, Hybrid Actions has surpassed the confines of seminars, subjects and research projects to become an operational framework to reflect upon our understanding of and engagement with the environment.

“Being landscape” is a transition between actions in the landscape and landscapes of action —