Toward as esthetic of ‘where’

Photographer: David Torres

Toward as esthetic of ‘where’
Jorge Bernabeu
Miguel Aguiló

Archivo español de arte
ISSN: 0004-0428

Volume: 89
Isuue: 354
Pages: 165-182


The building process of engineering works has been considered from the point of view of art for its technical character and often referred to the dialectic between utility and beauty, both by engineers and art historians. In a world where everything is technical, concepts such as shape, type, process and certain guidelines or specific goals related to lightness, strictness and superfluity are introduced. Then the large size of these works is taken into consideration, for they exceed the scale of man and his relationship with the territory, summarized as landscape. Here the confrontation with nature is introduced and the contribution of the sublime and picturesque as ways of interpreting and valuing the works. With the introduction of the meanings and concept of cultural landscape, the necessity to consider engineering from a phenomenological perspective is concluded, stressing the importance of ‘where’ to understand their peculiarities.