Ana Martínez Matos

Ana Matos is an Architect and is graduated in Fine Arts by the Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM). She has also a Master in Architectural Advanced Design by the UPM where she is developing her PhD research, entitled ‘Between art and architecture. The gaze in the creative process’. Parallel to her PhD, she develops her professional practice as a photographer.

She has always been interested on the gaze issues and, thanks to her double education, her works are always located on the limit which separates both disciplines. She likes to find out new ways of seeing the reality that envolves us and understand or figure out the little things that at first it looks like invisibles.

She has taught in some Spanish universities and participated in different conferences. Her work has been published on different prestigious national journals and some national and international art magazines. She has been working in collaboration with different photo agencies and architectural organizations. Her photos has been exposed on the International Fair of Contemporary Art in Madrid – ARCO, and received some awards which includes two honorable mention on the International Photography Awards in 2015.