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Francisco de Gracia

Francisco de Gracia holds a PhD in Architecture and he is also Professor at de Department of Theory of Architecture.

He has given PhD courses and lectures at different universities in Spain and Chile on the topics ‘Modern architecture and historical city’, and ‘City and physical environment’.

Between 2004 and 2014 he taught the optional subject ‘Architecture and forms of landscape’ within the specific line Landscape Architecture at the ETSAM.

His scientific production is focused on architecture’s theory and history, city and landscape and the culture of conservation. He is the author of different books such as ‘Pensar, componer, construir’, ‘Entre el paisaje y la arquitectura: apuntes sobre la razón constructiva’ and ‘Construir en lo construido: la arquitectura como modificación’. His articles have been published on magazines as Arquitectura Viva and Urban.