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Dpto. de Urbanismo y Ordenación del Territorio

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Javier Ruiz

Javier Ruiz holds a PhD in Architecture and he is also Professor at the Department of Urbanism and Territorial Planning. He has given courses and lectures at different institutions across Europe, South America and Japan such as the Institute of Urbanism in Paris and the universities of Tokio, Chile, La Plata or Los Andes.

He manages the research line ‘City: complexity, experience and knowledge’ at the GIPC. Among his recent projects are ‘Spanish Cultural Landscapes Research Network’ within the National R&D&I Plan, as well as ‘Cultural landscapes of Madrid: knowledge and intervention from an integrative approach’ within the Madrid Autonomous Community Programme for R&D Activities on Social Sciences and Humanities (PAIDIR).

His scientific production concentrates on the evolving nature of the city and the territory, considering both of them as complex systems. His most recent publications include the book ‘Complejidad urbana y determinación: estructuras comunicativas y planeamiento urbano’ and the coordination and edition together with Frank Eckardt of the book ‘City of Crisis: The Multiple Contestation of Southern European Cities’. His articles have been published in different magazines like Planum, Urban, Ciudad y territorio, Ábaco, Ciudades, Cuadernos de investigación urbanística o Asparkia.

He has combined his research work and teaching activity with his professional practice, having drafted several urban plans and projects at different scales in Spanish cities. He has been Head of the Building and Estate Management Department in ‘SEPES – Entidad Pública Empresarial de Suelo, Ministerio de Vivienda’. He has also been Head of the Public Society ‘SEPES URBANA’.