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Juan Miguel Hdez. León

Juan Miguel Hernández León is Professor Emeritus at the Department of Architectural Design. He was the Director of the ETSAM between 1999 and 2008. He is Director and Founder of the Cultural Landscape Research Group (GIPC). He is the UPM coordinator of the Heritage Cluster of the CEI Moncloa. He is the President of the Círculo de Bellas Artes Madrid.

He was on sabbatical between 2008 and 2009, staying as a researcher at the Le Corbusier Foundation in Paris. He has also been Academic Guest at the Rice University School of Architecture and lecturer at the most prestigious universities across Europe and America.

Among his most recent research projects are the curatorship of the exhibitions ‘Designing America: Spain’s imprint in the U.S.’ and ‘Archaeology of recent memory: City and territory in Spain, 1986-2012’.

He is the author of seven books about theory of heritage and architectural design, and he is also editor and coordinator of various collective works about this topic. Among his most recent publications are ‘Ser-paisaje’ (Abada, 2016), ‘Autenticidad y monumento: del mito de Lázaro al de Pigmalión’ (Abada, 2013), ‘Conjugar los vacíos: ensayos de arquitectura’ (Abada, 2005) y ‘La casa de un solo muro: arquitectura doméstica en Adolf Loos’ (Nerea, 1990). His articles have been published in different magazines such as Lotus, Casabella, Domus, Arquitectura Viva and Op.Cit. He often contributes to monographs and exhibitions on Spanish and Portuguese architecture.

He is Scientific Director of different literary collections such as ‘Textos de Arquitectura’ (Akal Publishers), ‘Arte y Arquitectura’ (Abada Publishers). He was Scientific Director of the International Conference CAH20thC on intervention criteria for 20th century architectural heritage (2011) and the 4th edition of EURAU which topic was “Cultural landscape” (2008).

Among his architectural work are the recovery of the Royal Defensive Walls in Ceuta and The Contemporary Art Museum in Vélez-Málaga, the remodeling of the Prado-Recoletos axis together with Alvaro Siza and the Convention Center of the University of Zamora together with Francisco Mangado.