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Patricia Hernández

Patricia Hernández Lamas is an Architect and she has a Master Degree in Gardening and Landscape by the ETSAM. She is Assistant Professor at the Department of Hydraulic Engineering, Energy and Environment. She is carrying out her PhD research entitled ‘The modern garden in Spain, 1926-1980’ and supervised by Miguel Ángel Aníbarro and Alberto Sanz within the Doctoral Program on Architecture and Heritage at the ETSAM. She is Director and researcher at Miguel Aguiló Foundation, committed to built heritage and landscape research. She has been Visiting Scholar at the Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) in 2014.

Her scientific production is focused on the theory and history of landscape and public works aesthetics value and heritage. Her articles have been published in the most reputed magazines on this topic like Informes de la Construcción or Revista de Obras Públicas. She has also collaborated with publications such as  ‘Luces y faros del Mediterráneo: paisaje, técnica, arte y sociedad’ or ‘La industria, paradigma de la modernidad’, editada por Docomomo Ibérico.

Her teaching activity is focused on the subjects ‘Design, landscape and environmental restoration’ and ‘History, art and aesthetics in civil engineering’ in the Civil Engineering Master Degree.