Researches in progress

This section shows the list of projects in progress.

The GIPC’s main task is to conduct both theoretical and applied research projects with a high level of scientific rigour and innovation. The majority of the projects form part of public competitions on a regional, national or European level, although there are also many examples of research projects commissioned by public and private organisations.

Narrating Landscapes: scientific divulgation programme on cultural landscapes

Programa de Fomento de la cultura científica y de la innovación 2015
Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, FECYT
Ref.: FCT-15-9585
Time period: 2016-2017

Digital mapping of Spanish Cultural Landscapes

Contrato de Investigación
Spanish Institute of Cultural Heritage IPCE
Time period: 2016

Spanish Cultural Landscapes Research Network

Acciones de Dinamización: Redes de Excelencia. Spanish National R&D Plan
Ref.: CSO2014-51705-REDT
Time period: 2015-2016

Cultural landscapes of Madrid: knowledge and intervention from an integrative approach

Madrid Regional R&D Programme in Social Sciences & Humanities
Time period: 2016-2018

Sensing landscapes: immersive virtual tools

Spanish National R&D. Excelencia 2015
Time period: 2016-2018

Designing America: Spain’s imprint in the U.S.

Contrato de Investigación
Fundación Consejo España – Estados Unidos
Time period: 2013-2016

WAVE — Architecture Valparaíso Extremo

Ayudas 2015 para la Realización de Actividades con América Latina
Ref.: AL16-PID-02
Time period: 2016