Researches archive

The GIPC’s main task is to conduct both theoretical and applied research projects with a high level of scientific rigour and innovation. The majority of the projects form part of public competitions on a regional, national or European level, although there are also many examples of research projects commissioned by public and private organisations.

This section shows the list of projects and commissions executed by the GIPC since it was set up, excluding doctoral theses and academic work. They are grouped into crosscutting themes that bridge all of the lines of research. These themes reflect the consistency, continuity and connections between the 30+ projects carried out to date.

Concepts and methods for cultural landscapes

Atlas of Spanish Cultural Landscapes

Spanish legacy in architecture, cities and territories

Cultural Landscapes of Energy

Atlas of energy landscapes

Programa de Fomento de la cultura científica y de la innovación 2012
Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología, FECYT

Landscapes of extraction

Archaeology of recent memory

Territory, Uncertainty, Resilence

Aranjuez Cultural Landscape

Displacements in the Gibraltar Strait

Landscape, water and infrastructure

Accessible cultural heritage