Archive of Spanish and Ibero-American Contemporary Architecture

Contrato de Investigación con el Consejo Superior de Colegios de Arquitectos de España CSCAE
Catalogación de obras BEAU y BIAU

Leading Researchers
Francisco Burgos
Ginés Garrido

Scientific coordination
David Escudero

Rodrigo de la O
Chema Sánchez Laforet
Nicolás Mariné


The fundamental purpose of this project is to catalogue all of the pieces that have been selected, short-listed and winners of all the Spanish and Ibero-American Architecture and Urban Design Biennials (BEAU and BIAU). The pieces have been organised into a database that will serve as a search engine for future research. A detailed file has been created for each piece, containing the technical data and authorship of the project, as well as its graphic documentation.

Accessible via the Internet, the final result is a resource that provides an insight into the architecture of the last 20 years, which has been featured in the Spanish and Latin-American Biennials.