Accessible Heritage: R+D+I for a culture without barriers

Plan Nacional de I+D+i. Subproyecto coordinado. Programa de proyectos singulares y de carácter estratégico

Leading researcher
Joaquín Ibáñez Montoya

Scientific coordination
Ainhoa Díez de Pablos

Miguel Ángel Aníbarro
Graziella Trovato
Javier García Benítez
Zeltia González Blanco

Subproyecto coordinado: proyectos singulares y de carácter estratégico. Plan Nacional de I+D+i 2004-2007, Ministerio de Ciencia e Investigación

Time period

The objective of this subproject is to develop the products and systems needed to ensure safe, comfortable and non-discriminatory access to historical sites for all members of the public, in a manner that is compatible with the cultural site itself and which can also be reversed. This should apply to both the preservation and restoration phases, as well as the usage phase of the cultural sites. This project will also develop the necessary building technologies in order to install these products at the cultural site.