Spanish Cultural Landscapes Research Network

Acciones de Dinamización: Redes de Excelencia. Plan Estatal de I+D+i
Salinas de Añana

Leading researcher
Javier Ruiz (GIPC)

Scientific committee
Marifé Schmitz (UCM-Ecología)
Tomás Herrero Tejedor (GESyP)
María García Hernández (GTPyD)

GIPC Researchers
Juan Miguel Hernández León
Miguel Ángel Aníbarro
Francisco Arques
Jorge Bernabeu
Ana Belén Berrocal
Rodrigo de la O
Francisco Burgos
David Escudero
Nicolás Mariné
Manuel Gazapo
Concha Lapayese
Marian Leboreiro

GESyP Researchers
Juan López de Herrera
Enrique Pérez

Ecology-UCM Researchers
Francisco Díaz Pineda
Alejandro Rescia

GTPyD-UCM Researchers
Miguel Ángel Troitiño
Manuel de la Calle
Libertad Troitiño

Time period

Part of the Networks of Excellence programme of the National R+D+I Plan, the “Spanish Cultural Landscapes Research Network” is implementing an activity programme on the specificities of the Spanish experience in researching and managing cultural landscapes. The network seeks both the internationalisation of the acquired knowledge and a reinforcement of the national infrastructure for research in this field.

The scientific framework for the Network is the National Plan for Cultural Landscapes (2012), drawn up by the Spanish Institute of Cultural Heritage, under the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. Its specific objectives focus on:

  1. Promoting knowledge of Spanish cultural landscapes.
  2. Perfecting methods for documenting this type of cultural asset by means of digital and cartographical processing, including visualisation, modelling and 3D simulation processes.
  3. Discussing strategic actions that facilitate creative and dynamic management of cultural landscapes, with a special emphasis on using them as tools for land development policies.