About Us

Cultural Landscape Research Group
Madrid School of Architecture
Technical University of Madrid
Avda. Juan de Herrera 4
28040 Madrid, Spain

The Cultural Landscape research Group — GIPC is an research group whose purpose is to study the cultural meaning of the built environment. Bearing in mind that the complexity of the surrounding environment derives from the fact that it constitutes a space for cultural negotiation, understanding it through theoretical and applied research – both critical and speculative – is extremely important in order to face modern-day challenges for architecture, city and territory.

The GIPC’s research projects challenge the traditional boundaries that lie between the disciplines that work with the built environment. The GIPC has consolidated an approach that encourages an interchange of methodologies between architecture, spatial planning, art, humanities, social sciences, heritage, ecology and engineering. Accordingly, our team is markedly transdisciplinary and is made up of researchers from the different architecture and engineering departments of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM).

The GIPC was founded in 2006 by Juan Miguel Hernández León, Darío Gazapo, Miguel Ángel Aníbarro, Joaquín Ibáñez and Miguel Aguiló and, since 2009, has also been working closely with the Miguel Aguiló Foundation.

With over 10 years of activity, we have established ourselves as a benchmark research group in our field, successfully participating in major competitive research programmes on a regional, national and European level. We have also conducted a wide range of studies for public and private entities.

The group’s work revolves around six lines of research that reflect our general interests and objectives. Nevertheless, the majority of our research transcends these areas to address common issues, as we interweave our methodologies and expand our field of activity. Our studies have consequently given rise to a number of more specific crosscutting themes, under which the research we have conducted to date can be grouped.

The results of these research projects have had different outcomes, including a long list of scientific articles and books, as well as exhibitions at major venues across Spain and the organisation of international conferences, seminars and workshops.

The GIPC is also highly skilled in training researchers.  In addition, all of our researchers are committed to incorporating our research topics into university education. Since 2009, the GIPC has been responsible for coordinating and delivering the Landscape Architecture and Planning specialisation within the Master’s Degree in Advanced Architectural Projects. Likewise, we have also developed major innovations in landscape-related study programmes, such as the Hybrid Actions experimental programme.

The group is also an active member of EURARU, ECLAS and Le:Notre Institute and has strong and productive partnerships with prestigious universities and research institutes in Europe, the Americas and North Africa.