Completed PhD Theses


Here is a list of PhD theses completed in the recent past. Doctoral Theses are based on critical and independent thinking and are firmly committed to theoretical and historical rigour, planting the seeds for crosscutting academic projects that catalyse later research projects. 


Beyond filmmaking: Searching for a neorealist architecture in Italy, 194X-195X
David Escudero
Supervisor: Juan Miguel Hernández



Ecology and perception in landscape planning and assessment: natural resource professionals and local people
Alicia López Rodríguez
Supervisors: Rafael Escribano Bombón y Simon Bell


Exception and the rebel body: the political as generator of a minor architecture
Lucía Jalón Oyárzun,
Supervisor: Juan Miguel Hernández León y Filippo del Lucchese

The modern garden in Spain, 1926-1980
Patricia Hernández Lamas
Supervisor: Miguel Ángel Aníbarro y Alberto Sanz


Atmospheres: hothouses in the 19th century, transparency, reflections and air. Atmotopos between islands and clouds, 1818-1918.
Rafael Beneytez Durán
Supervisor: Juan Miguel Hernández León


Landscape of energies: aesthetic knowledge for an ecological approach to design
Manuel Rodrigo de la O Cabrera
Supervisors: Juan Miguel Hernández León y Marifé Schmitz


Thermodynamic environments: a critical cartography on energy and architecture
Javier García-Germán Trujeda
Supervisor: Iñaki Ábalos


The evolution of fluvial landscape at the confluence of the Jarama and Tagus rivers
Ana Belén Berrocal Menárguez
Supervisor: Jorge Bernabeu

The privacy of gaze: the inhabitance throughout The Mansions of Saint Teresa
Mercedes Camina del Amo
Supervisor: Concha Lapayese


Time Dimensions in Contemporary Architectural Strategies,1978-1995 Eisenman-Tschumi-Lynn
José Antonio Ruiz Esquiroz
Supervisors: Darío Gazapo y Concha Lapayese


La acción arquitectónica sobre el territorio a través de Peter Eisenman: Transformación de las estrategias proyectuales durante la posmodernidad
Mayka García Hípola
Supervisors: Darío Gazapo y Michael Hays


El jardín clásico en España: un análisis arquitectónico.
Alberto Sanz Hernando
Supervisor: Miguel Ángel Aníbarro

Tejidos de expansión en ciudades monumentales: Segovia, Toledo, Salamanca y Santiago de Compostela.
Carlos Lara Aspée
Supervisor: Darío Gazapo