This exhibition aims to show Spain’s presence in the western Mediterranean from the point of view of technology, engineering and urban planning, which are treated here as elements that shape a common space. It aims to show the public the effort to articulate a territory in the past: the adventure that Spain undertook between the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 18th century to make the western Mediterranean a more cohesive space. The expansion of the Crown of Aragon and later the Hispanic Monarchy into the western Mediterranean meant a relationship – often conflictive, sometimes peaceful – with the complex cultural and political world of Italy on the one hand and with the Turkish and Barbary adversary on the other, together with the permanent rivalry with France, without forgetting, as a backdrop, the American adventure and the Europe of the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation.


Aguiló, Miguel y Dolores Romero, eds. 2006. España en el Mediterráneo: La construcción del espacio. Madrid: Centro de Estudios y Experimentación de Obras Públicas.

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Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid
15.12.2006 - 11.03.2007

Tinglado 1 del Puerto de Tarragona
09.10.2008 - 09.11.2008

Museo del Mare, Arsenale di Palermo
16.12.2008 - 25.02.2009

Palacete del Embarcadero, Santander
27.05.2009 - 27.06.2009

Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacuática, Cartagena
27.11.2009 - 28.02.2010

Museo de Almería
18.05.2010 - 15.08.2010

Centro cultural la Almona, Sevilla
30.11.2010 - 11.01.2011
Miguel Aguiló
Dolores Romero
Biblioteca Nacional de España