The exhibition Yusur-Puentes. Landscape and Architecture in Morocco and Spain introduces us to the landscape and architecture of two neighbouring countries, through an exhibition scenography that travels through the streets of cities and medinas, highlighting large-scale architectural works that have substantially modified the landscape space of the two shores of the Mediterranean.

All over the world, architecture builds the environment in which we live, modifying landscapes to facilitate settlements and new ways of inhabiting the territory, and making it possible for cities to evolve to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants. The new challenges we face in the fight against climate change and in the search for equal conditions in access to housing and in the improvement of social cohesion, open up a space for common reflection on the future of our cities. A future that includes mutual knowledge of our realities and our immense possibilities for collaboration.


Ibáñez Montoya, Joaquín, Milla Hernández Pezzi y Ainhoa Díez de Pablos. 2010. Yusur – Puentes. Paisaje y arquitectura en Marruecos y España. Madrid: Ministerio de Vivienda.

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Sala de La Arquería de Nuevos Ministerios, Madrid
29.04.2010 - 13.06.2010

Sala Italcable, Málaga
14.09.2010 - 30.10.2010

Fundación Frax, Alicante
19.11.2010 - 27.02.2011

Biblioteca Nacional de Rabat
Noviembre - Diciembre 2011
Joaquín Ibáñez Montoya
Milla Hernández Pezzi
Ainhoa Díez de Pablos
AECID Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional
MED-OCC Asociación Cultural del Mediterráneo Occidental
Ministerio de Vivienda de España