The purpose of the “Landscape Study of the Raso de la Estrella in Aranjuez”, as defined by the Protocol for Collaboration drawn up between the Community of Madrid’s Department of Historic Heritage and Aranjuez Town Council on November 15th 2006, is to lay the foundations to establish criteria for the restoration and renovation of the aforementioned site, as well as to propose different options for intervention that take its heritage value and impending actions into account. An archaeological study of the area was developed at the same time.

The works were divided into two simultaneous scales, relating the local scale of the Raso de la Estrella to the overall scale of the area covered by the Aranjuez Cultural Landscape Heritage Site. The objective is to make the foundations studied and the established criteria respond not only to the problems inherent in Raso de la Estrella but also to its key role in the configuration of Aranjuez as a whole, particularly in connection with possible strategies for the restoration of the Picotajo orchards.

The analysis provided by these two scales will ultimately lead to a general diagnosis of the area and a set of guidelines to be followed in future interventions. Finally, proposals and alternatives will be offered for converting the site into a public space, taking into consideration both the tree-lined avenue structures and the treatment of the exposed surfaces of the plots.