This project proposes the study and evaluation of the cultural landscape of the pastures and manor houses of Avila based on open digital information. The object of study consists of large estates with pastures, holm oak groves, cereal crops and hunting grounds. In addition, they have a building and a garden, usually Renaissance, irrigation systems and ponds. These sets of productive lands and recreational places are part of the agro-livestock culture of Avila and constitute centenary landscapes of very particular aesthetic qualities. Although they are recognized as cultural landscapes at the national level, there are no specific studies or plans for their protection.

For all these reasons, the cultural landscapes of the dehesas and farmhouses are presented as a suitable case of landscape analysis with contemporary tools. The specific method consists of three parts: 1) Obtaining open data on land cover and land use and analyzing the evolution of spatial patterns; 2) Obtaining geo-referenced photographs of social networks and analyzing their distribution and spatial characterization; and 3) Developing online surveys open to the public. The results can be the basis for protection and promotion plans that reinforce these landscapes by addressing their weaknesses and enhancing their strengths. They are also of interest for the promotion of the dehesas and manor houses as tourist resources of international projection.