The works are part of the exhibition Avila 1515, organized by the Museum of Avila on the occasion of the V centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Jesus. The exhibition offers a look at the Renaissance city where he was born and lived Santa Teresa: a fragmented glimpse, based on snippets or details that in the sixteenth century were in situ and now, by various vicissitudes, are preserved in the Museum. The pieces that make up the tour are not presented alone, but are accompanied by research into their surroundings and their documentary significance.

This look, based on urban elements of the period, is completed with digital reconstructions of six architectural elements. The preserved data have allowed the elaboration of a hypothesis for the virtual reconstruction of their appearance in the 16th century. These architectural elements are the stained glass of the rose window of San Pedro, the Aqueduct of San José, the altarpiece and cornice of San Vicente, the alfarje of Valderrábanos, the reuse of the Mudejar cemetery of San Nicolás and the epigraphic facade of the Alhóndiga. The results are shown in the exhibition in continuous projections of short duration and without sound.