TRAHERE (TRAin HEritage REuse) is the Research Project led by GIPC Professor Graziella Trovato, Associate Professor C i3 Excellence. It is an Action funded by the Community of Madrid in the framework of the Pluriannual Agreement with the Polytechnic University of Madrid in the line of action Excellence Program for University Faculty (Line 3, V PRICIT / Reference: PCD-2). The project aims to:

  1. Contribute to the critical debate on the role of architectural and urban criticism.
  2. Contribute to the critical debate on what the transformation of abandoned railway sections has meant, in terms of impact on the urban landscape, at an international level.
  3. To claim the preservation of industrial memory in any process of appropriation, transformation and reuse.
  4. To claim the potential of the railway memory for its affective and evocative image.
  5. To investigate exemplary processes of transformation of railway heritage through multiple perspectives:
    a.  That of its promoters, managers, designers and builders.
    b.  That of neighbors in particular and visitors in general.
    c.  That of 3 photographers who relate, from different specialties, a look at the transformation and experience of the landscape, architecture and railway botany.
  6. Establish international comparisons, with a special focus on Spain and Italy due to their proximity and cultural affinities.
  7. Activate participation processes to stimulate the appropriation and conservation of the places and their environments.
  8. Activate storytelling and augmented reality processes to bring the railroad, its history and art closer through interactive and multimedia installations.
  9. Activate a platform/observatory that aims to inform, interconnect, trigger augmented experiences and participatory activities around the recovery of abandoned tracks and their potential reuse in the future.