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Dpto. de Ingeniería Civil

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Jorge Bernabéu

Jorge Bernabéu Larena holds a PhD in Civil Engineering and he is Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering of the School of Civil Engineering (ETSIC-UPM). He is also Ingénieur des Ponts et Chaussées by the École nationale des ponts et chaussées of Paris (ENPC). He is researcher at the Miguel Aguiló Foundation too.

He is coordinator of the ‘Civil engineering heritage and landscape’ research line at the GIPC. His scientific production is focused on public works aesthetics and values as heritage. His articles have been published in the most reputed magazines on this topic such as Stahlbau, Structural Engineering International, Revista de Obras Públicas or Ingeniería y territorio.

His teaching activity is focused on the subjects ‘Civil Engineering history, art and aesthetics’ within the Degree in Civil and Territorial Engineering and ‘Civil Engineering and Landscape’ within the Master in Civil Engineering Systems.

As Project Manager at the Engineering Firm IDOM, he has developed many projects including bridges, railway stations, marine terminals, layout projects, platform and linear projects.