Master in Advanced Architectural Design

The Master in Advanced Architectural Design of the Projects Department of the ETSAM offers an annual programme of postgraduate studies aimed at graduates in higher architecture who wish to broaden their skills, deepening and perfecting the techniques and knowledge of research, thought, criticism and production of projects in the contemporary cultural and professional context. The GIPC offers annual research internships to its students.

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Line of Specialisation in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning

In 2009, with the first edition of the MPAA, the GIPC took on the Line of Specialisation in Landscape Architecture and Urbanism, under the direction of Darío Gazapo. The academic programme consisted of the Landscape Laboratory, the Landscape Workshop and the Transfer Workshop, run by professors Darío Gazapo, Juan Miguel Hernández León and Miguel Aguiló, plus five seminars: El descubrimiento del paisaje, by Miguel Ángel Aníbarro; Estrategias proyectuales en el paisaje del siglo XX, by Francisco Arques; La naturaleza en la arquitectura del siglo XX, by Milla Hernández-Pezzi; Acciones conceptuales en el paisaje, by Concha Lapayese; and Paisajes en movimiento, by Graziella Trovato and Luis Moya. The line was taught until the 8th edition of the MPAA, and was key to the activity of the GIPC.

«…the landscape is a multiple corporeality constituting a complex energy field…»
—Darío Gazapo