This proposal of “Estudio Paisaje” is aimed at students of the Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Madrid who are studying Project Levels: 5 and 6. The activity also involves the transfer of knowledge from research topics to education. In this sense, the present study will be developed in collaboration with the Cultural Landscape Research Group (GIPC) and the project of the State Plan of I+D+i, HERITAGESCAPES: Critical cartography of the metropolitan cultural landscape. The Polytechnic University of Madrid together with the collective Tangente ESS Intercooperation and the City of Madrid will train students in the awareness of productive and environmental issues in the urban fabric of our cities, within the framework of the Call 2024 of the Polytechnic University of Madrid of “Learning and Service Projects”.

In the spring semester (2023-24) the focus will be on the municipal program Barrios Productores (Producing Neighborhoods) in the city of Madrid. Through their participation in this project, students will be able to learn in depth about green and circular economy initiatives that demand innovative design of public spaces incorporated into the new Green Infrastructure of the capital.