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Miguel Aguiló

Miguel Aguiló holds a PhD in Civil Engineering and is Professor Emeritus at the Department of Civil Engineering. He is also graduated in Economic Sciences. He is the President of Miguel Aguiló Foundation, committed to built landscape and heritage research. In the cultural field, he is the President-Founder of the Ingeniería y Sociedad Foundation, member of the Governing Council ‘Aula Carlos Roa’, and member of the Board of the Círculo de Bellas Artes.

Throughout his career he has been awarded with numerous medals, such as Eduardo Torroja International Prize (1974), Spanish National Prize of Urbanism (1981), Spanish National Prize of Environment (1986) and Honorific Medal of the Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos.

He is co-founder of the GIPC. Among his projects as leading researcher are ‘Appreciation of the public works’ rural heritage (VAPROP), ‘Lozoya dams: the Canal de Isabel II’s hydraulic heritage’ and the curatorship of the exhibition ‘Spain in the Mediterranean: The construction of space’.

He is the author of very important books on theory and history of public works, from which we could highlight ‘Qué significa construir: claves conceptuales de la ingeniería civil’, ‘Forma y tipo en el arte de construir puentes’, ‘El paisaje construido: una aproximación a la idea de lugar’. He has also been coordinator and editor of books such as ‘La construcción del paisaje americano’ and ‘Paisajes Culturales’. His articles have been published in different magazines such as Informes de la Construcción, Built environment, Estudios Geográficos, Structural Engineering International, Revista de Obras Públicas or Cadernos d’Obra.

He has combined his teaching and researching activity with his professional practice in the business field. He has been Director at the Politic Strategy Department in ACS group, President of Iberia, Canal de Isabel II and Astilleros Españoles. He was also Director of the Ingenieros de Caminos Association.