MPC21 —
Cultural Heritage in XXI Century: Management and Research

The GIPC delivers courses as part of the Master’s Degree Cultural Heritage in XXI Century: Management and Research.

Rodrigo de la O (coord.)
Marian Leborerio
Francisco Arques
David Escudero
Alicia Rodríguez


Photo by Tanushree Rao on Unsplash

The Master provides an answer to an academic, research and professional demand within postgraduate education in the contexts of Cultural Heritage management and research.

The Master program starts by a specific definition of Cultural Heritage Management as a set of activities to enable knowledge, assessment and protection, of the heritage assets, together with an integrating vision of the different knowledge areas where such activities takes place. In recent years, this integral management has started to acquire a socio-economic relevance, globally, and the knowledge areas being multi-disciplinary, interdepartmental and inter-universities.

The Master comprises a series of theoretical and practical courses covering the latest aspects of different disciplines in the knowledge areas related to Cultural heritage, its management and research. It also includes the social use of heritage assets, the impact of tourism on them, the optimization of the existing resources, the study of the environmental impact, the use of urban planning for protection, the interpretation of the research results and its dissemination, and the design of sustainable management strategies, etc.

The Master’s basic feature is its interdisciplinarity. Cooperation between the two universities, UCM and the UPM, in the framework of the Moncloa International Campus of excellence, has allowed us to bring together 16 faculties and centres (10 of the UCM, UPM 6). This ensures an excellent group of teachers, with extensive teaching experience, who know in depth the topics to be treated, who can direct or participate in numerous research projects at national and international level, as well as developing partnerships with institutions, and who cover the wide range of management, teaching and research in Cultural heritage.

The Master is intended for People who, holding a degree in any of the branches of Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Architecture, as well as Social and Political Sciences, who have included in their training any courses related to Cultural Heritage and are interested in specializing in Cultural Heritage management.