Analysis and strategic evaluation of the mining landscape of Asturias

Contrato de Investigación con el Gobierno del Principado de Asturias
Cuenca Minera de Asturias

Leading researchers
Darío Gazapo de Aguilera
Concha Lapayese

Project team
Jose Antonio Ruiz Esquiroz
Ignacio Ruiz Allen

Gobierno del Principado de Asturias

Time period

The mining areas of Asturias are at a crucial crossroads, between a past that remains present in the form of numerous traces left behind on the landscape, and a future that should be able to harness the latent potential offered by these sites to set new cultural, social and economic expectations.

The mining landscape of Asturias serves as an opportunity to test out schemes for new spaces and uses in the form of concrete actions intended to culturally reactivate the site, integrating it into a national and European network of knowledge and experiences. These actions can target both the general public and specific sectors.

The research conclusions aim to encourage Public Administrations to take general measures to ensure the recognition of mining landscapes. In other words, to integrate these landscapes into town and country planning policies and economic, social, cultural and environmental policies and to raise awareness of the same amongst the population.