Ideas for integrating the River Tagus into the city of Toledo

Convenio de Investigación con el Ayuntamiento de Toledo y la Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo

Leading researchers
Darío Gazapo
Jorge Bernabeu

Scientific coordination
Luis Tejero
Ainhoa Díez de Pablos

Juan Miguel Hernández León 
Miguel Ángel Aníbarro
Concha Lapayese
Joaquín Ibáñez
Isabel Goyena García (Idom)
José Carlos Pérez Edrosa (Idom)
Borja Domínguez Ruiz (Idom)
Raúl Coleto Sierra (Idom)

Project team
Covadonga Blasco
Carlos Talavera
Elena Larriba
Emilio Ortiz
Ana Rivero

Ayuntamiento de Toledo
Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo

Time period

This proposal focuses on restoring the river’s ecosystem as it flows through the city of Toledo. The project constitutes an investment in the evolution of the river’s ecosystem, and goes well beyond one-off interventions based solely on design.

The cornerstone of this proposal is thus a step-by-step restoration of both river banks, which will in turn revive a self-sustaining ecosystem. This ecosystem will be available for public uses of varying intensities by means of a circular transportation system and a pedestrian network aligned with the course of the river. Public use of the river banks is compatible with the restoration of the local nature as the activity is concentrated into small areas, defined as landscape units.