Management Plan for the Aranjuez Cultural Landscape

Contrato de Investigación con la Fundación Aranjuez Paisaje Cultural - Ayuntamiento de Aranjuez
Plano de las Huertas del Picotajo en Aranjuez, 1580

Leading researcher
Miguel Ángel Aníbarro

Scientific coordination
Mercedes Camina del Amo
Ainhoa Díez de Pablos

Ramón de la Mata
Francisco de Gracia
Mercedes López
Luis Tejero
Marian Leboreiro
Patricia de Diego
Santiago González (GIEP)
Rafael Escribano (GIEP)
José Fariña (GIAU+S)
Ester Higueras (ABIO)

Project team
Maite Torres
Patricia Hernández Lamas

Fundación Aranjuez Paisaje Cultural – Ayuntamiento de Aranjuez

Time period

The objective of this Management Plan is to establish a management system that will ensure that all the elements that make up the Cultural Landscape of Aranjuez are properly preserved, restored and used. This document is a UNESCO requirement for all towns or cities that are named World Heritage Sites.

The Heritage Site includes the historic town centre, the gardens of La Isla and El Príncipe, the River Tagus and the west bank of the Jarama River, as well as the historic orchards of Picotajo, Rebollo and Legamarejo. This juxtaposition of such distinct areas within a single site makes Aranjuez a particularly complex case and implies the need to put forward management proposals that are specific to each of them but which are based on shared criteria, prioritising the relationship between them so as not to lose sight of this sense of unity.