RAILtoLAND. Collective ideation platform to develop innovative tools to communicate the European Cultural Landscapes by train

Erasmus + KA203. Strategic partnership in Higher Education

Leading researchers

Ana Belén Berrocal
Clara Zamorano
ETSI Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Research partners

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Université Gustave-Eiffel, París

Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona

Unión Internacional del Ferrocarril (UIC)

Centro do Computaçao Grafica, Universidade do Minho, Guimaraes.

External partners 

RENFE Operaciones

Comboios de Portugal (CP)


RAILtoLAND project aims to explore the social and educational value of the European cultural landscape, as a common heritage, and as a catalyser of consolidation of European identity processes, social cohesion, creation of local cultures and improvement of human well-being. It is aligned with the aims of the European Landscape Convention, involving the target population in decision-making processes and designing landscape enhancement initiatives.

In particular, the Project proposes formal and informal learning dynamics, that prioritize structured dialogues with young people and mutual learning in an international and intercultural context. Tests methodologies of educational innovation, such as Design Thinking or Learning by doing, aimed at improving horizontal skills and competences in communication, creativity and critical thinking. It resorts to the Open Learning platforms of High Education partners to expand their training offer in terms of valorisation, management and protection of landscapes, specifically European landscapes, and their built heritage, especially the railway.

Indeed, the railroad is the thread in this project of a good part of the intellectual results, because of its structuring and dynamic nature of the territory, because it serves as a platform for the appreciation of cultural landscapes throughout Europe from a new perspective and because it constitutes one of the key elements in the construction of modern Europe.