Isabel Rodríguez de la Rosa

Isabel Rodríguez de la Rosa is an architect and predoctoral fellow at the Department of Architectural Composition of the Madrid School of Architecture ETSAM. She is currently pursuing her PhD in the Transversal Doctoral Program in Architecture and Urbanism

Between 2014 and 2015 she worked at the Cultural Landscape Research Group within the state graduate research scholarship program, while she was finishing her studies on Architecture. She joined the project ‘Cultural Landscapes of Energy’, developed within the Spanish National R&D&i Plan. After some years working as an architect in various architecture offices, she resumed her academic activity in 2020 through a predoctoral position funded by the UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).

Her research work focuses on the environmental, social, and cultural transformations of landscape tied to industrial developments, revolving around the current narratives of landscape and heritage critical studies. In 2022 she has been visiting scholar at the Center for Critical Studies in Architecture, History, Theory and Media (CCSA) in Frankfurt, funded by the UPM Program. She has contributed to the 8th Congress on Industrial Heritage and Public Works, the 3rd International Congress Culture and City, the 3rd ESACH Meeting and the 21st and 22nd International Conference on Industrial Heritage, with several papers on industrial heritage and cultural landscapes.