Cultural landscape is a particular type of heritage, as it is probably a more open benchmark as a morphological, functional, perceived and symbolic expression of the historical and current relations between society and nature. Safeguarding the same forms part of the directives set out in EU treaties on land development and this inclusion in heritage policy has also opened up a particular branch of research. The project aims to raise public awareness of what constitutes a cultural landscape, which ones have been identified in Spain and what their main features are.

Given that multi-sensory richness acquires particular importance in cultural landscapes, virtual environments allow us to create an immersion experience to complement physical presence, thereby fostering greater social appreciation. On this basis, the project will develop a website (a kind of virtual exhibition) and an app. These creative and interactive digital media provide the public with an experience that familiarises them with the landscape in a way that is adapted to contemporary visual culture. The cutting-edge innovation and experimentation that takes place in the creation of maps and in data visualisation and analysis is made possible by the collaboration of CartoDB.