According to the National Plan for Industrial Heritage, this term is defined as “the set of movable and immovable assets and systems of sociability related to the culture of work that have been generated by the activities of extraction, transformation, transportation, distribution and management generated by the economic system that emerged from the ‘industrial revolution'”. It also points out that “these assets must be understood as an integral whole composed of the landscape in which they are inserted, the industrial relations in which they are structured, the architectures that characterize them, the techniques used in their procedures, the archives generated during their activity and their practices of a symbolic nature”.

The study defines a list of values to enable the identification and protection of the industrial heritage properties of the city of Madrid. Based on the definition of the National Plan for Industrial Heritage, it is carried out within the framework of the General Urban Development Plan of 1997 and Law 8/2023, of March 30, on Cultural Heritage of the Community of Madrid.