This landscape study is part of A monastic landscape, a project of research, protection and dissemination of heritage assets and values that make up the cultural landscape around the monasteries of San Millán de Yuso and Suso. The study aims to examine the monasteries of Yuso and Suso and their surroundings as the expression of the interaction over time of human action and the natural environment. The result of this complex process is a territory currently perceived and valued for its cultural qualities, support of the identity of a community. In short, the aim is to analyze and interpret the cultural value of the territorial heritage system originated by the monasteries.

To this end, a detailed study of the landscape characteristics of the protected environment or buffer zone of the cultural property is proposed. The first phase is focused on the identification of the components that structure the landscape, with the aim of analyzing the buffer zone in its geographical and functional context. The second phase is aimed at determining the different landscape units that make up the landscape mosaic of the study area, as well as the relationships between them, seeking to identify their heritage values. The result will serve as a basis for future management and promotion tasks. It is also expected to be useful to those responsible for programming future interventions.