Prof. Ayudante Doctor,
Dpto. de Composición Arquitectónica

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Graziella Trovato

Graziella Trovato holds a PhD in Architecture and is Associate Professor at the Department of Theory of Architecture. She has a Master Degree in restoration of architectural heritage. She is also Professor at Camilo José Cela University (UCJC).

Her scientific production focuses mainly on the critic of architecture and urban design. Among her publications are the books ‘Des-velos: autonomía de la envolvente en la arquitectura contemporánea’ and ‘Architetti italiani in Spagna oggi’. She has coordinated publications such as ‘Ciudades posibles’ and ‘Social Housing & the City’.

She is a regular contributor to different magazines such as Il Giornale dell’Architettura and Compasses – Architecture & Design, from which she is the correspondent for Spain. Her articles have also been published in other magazines as Informes de la construcción, L’ARCA, Ciudad y territorio, Arquitectura, Pasajes de arquitectura y crítica o ACE Architecture, City and Environment.

She has developed her profesional career together with Luis Moya (Chair at the ETSAM) since 1998.